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The Zenbu XML API allow third parties to access the content and features of the Zenbu website. There are no commercial boundaries on the API for up to 10,000 requests per day - above that and you have to work out a deal with us. Please respect our Creative Commons Attribution License.

You may also be interested in our REST API.

First you will need a Zenbu API Key. Log in and get it here.

Queries can be made to both of the different Zenbu searches - (the vanilla) Search and Find Nearest. Make a GET request using the urls and parameters specified below. All queries require you to specify your Zenbu API key.


Parameters: Example
Find cafes in Wellington - 10 results returned

Find Nearest

Parameters: If you specify all 3 of the x,y and l parameters, the x,y parameters take precedence.
Find the 5 cafes nearest to the middle of Ghuznee St, Wellington


Please use the Google Maps API
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